Would you like to spend your YourGift Card for another giftcard? Follow the next steps:

1. Click on the button Giftcards.

2. You can select the giftcard that you want.

3. You can select an amount under the information Waarde, een optie kiezen (choose an option).

4. Than click on BESTEL DIRECT (order now).

5. You will be redirected to the shoppingbag (Winkelwagen).

6. Check the donation you have selected and if correct, click on the green button ‘doorgaan naar afrekenen’.

7. Here you need to fill in your contact details. Hereby the translations which hopefully will help you by filling in the details:

Voornaam = First name
Achternaam = Last name
Bedrijfsnaam = Company name
Land = Country
Straatnaam huisnummer = Adress + number
Postcode = Zip code
Plaats = Residence
Telefoon = Phone number
E-mailadres = E-mailadress

8. On the right side, you see the total amount of costs. Under the total amound you can fill in your cardnumber (Kaartnummer) and Pincode (PIN). Than push VERZILVER.

9. Press on the button ‘bestelling plaatsen’ to complete your order.

10. If the order is completed successfully, you’ll receive a confirmation per mail.